Virtual Reality 360°

Bring customers into your business, virtual reality (goggles).

Our VR-tours work WITH and WITHOUT goggles. Even on your tablets, phones and desktop computers.

Complete with the latest 360° technology, we make your business digital available.

✓ Android / Apple / Windows
✓ Highest 360° quality
✓ With and without VR-Goggles

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Example: Hotel Tivoli, Portugal

360° Virtual Tour is developed in 4K/8K high definition.Hotel Tivoli Vilamoura Marina Portugal

All aspects are included in this presentation.

  • 42 Languages (automatic selected and manual selectable)
  • 360 Degrees video included
  • Possibility to view with Virtual Reality glasses
  • Custom sounds & environmental music
  • Drone 360° perspectives
  • Working on Desktops + Laptops (Windows & Mac)
  • Tablets, Phones & other mobile devices
  • Drone intro & outro video
  • Day, Sunset & Night views
  • Commercials on TV screens inside hotel rooms
  • Actors inside Virtual Tour
  • Special effects (sun flares, audio fades, hotspots and custom menu’s)

Total production time was 14 weeks and a total of 58 people working (designers, programmers, cameraman, translators etc), excluding hotel workers, actors.

Checkout Portugal demo